Thanks for attending the Partnership’s second workshop dedicated to understanding and protecting salmon habitat in Southwest Alaska on December 3-5, 2013 in Anchorage.

2013 Workshop Booklet

Dec 3  - Dr. David Montgomery presented “Ice Dams, Lake Ahtna and the Evolution of Salmon”

Dec 4 - Copper and Salmon: are state and federal water quality standards sufficiently protective of salmon in Bristol Bay? A presentation of papers (below) was followed by a panel and audience discussion.

Erika Ammann (NOAA): National Fish Habitat Partnership

Nancy Sonafrank (ADEC): copper and aquatic life criteria
Dave Baldwin (NOAA): neurobehaviorial toxicity of copper to juvenile salmon

Jennifer McIntyre (NOAA): influence of water chemistry on copper bioavailability & toxicity

Brinkman, Anderson, Morris: Interaction of temperature & zinc/copper toxicity to trout

Joseph Meyer (ARCADIS): Do water quality criteria for copper protect against olfactory impairment in salmonids?

Jeff Morris (Stratus Consulting): copper toxicity in low-hardness waters

Annotated Literature Review for Copper Toxicity in Aquatic Systems


Dec 5 - presentations (below) highlighted the various projects funded by the partnership and other research completed or ongoing in the Southwest region of Alaska. The featured speaker was Dr. Alan Boraas who presented “Gathering and Using Traditional Ecological Knowledge to Inform the EPA Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment”

Christine Woll (TNC): salmon habitat mapping in Nushagak and Kvichak watersheds

Joel Reynolds (USFWS): from reach to region: understanding climate change

Nellie Williams (TU): Bristol Bay River Academy

Theresa Tanner (USFWS): Togiak River Chinook escapement, distribution, run-timing

Steph Meggers (UAF): spawning habitat selection in Togiak River watershed

Sue Mauger (CIK): proposed stream temperature monitoring network for Bristol Bay

Woody et al: proposed long term monitoring of salmon headwaters (Lime Hills Ecoregion)
Mark Lisac (USFWS): estimating juvenile salmon summer rearing habitat and abundance

Todd Radenbaugh (UAF-BB): how important is the Nushagak Estuary?

Sean Brennan (UAF): isotopes to identify natal origins and track movement patterns

Pat Walsh (USFWS) variation in salmon abundance in SW Alaska the past 500 years

Ed Fogels (ADNR): HB77



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