Waters to Watch

The 10 Waters to Watch list is assembled by the nation’s leading authorities on aquatic conservation annually. Alaska has made the list every year since 2008. This page highlights Waters to Watch in Southwest Alaska.

Agulowak_GormanAerialHoranAgulowak River. This river is one of the salmon rich jewels of Southwest Alaska. The river provides a robust fishery for sport anglers, subsistence and commercial users. It provides spawning habitat for 200,000 sockeye salmon and passes an additional 1.2 million sockeye and other salmon species to spawning grounds higher in the drainage. Partners secured a conservation easement on Native land within the Wood-Tikchik State Park, including both banks of the Agulowak River and approximately 42 miles of shoreline along Lakes Aleknagik and Nerka—a total of about 21,000 acres…more


Koktuli River. This River is a major tributary of the Mulchatna River in the Nushagak River watershed. The Koktuli River and other waters in the Nushagak watershed sustain highly valued recreational, commercial and subsistence fisheries. The Koktuli River is a major spawning stream for king (chinook) salmon and has healthy runs of silver (coho) and red (sockeye) salmon. Popular resident recreational fish include rainbow trout, northern pike, arctic grayling and Dolly Varden. more

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